What we do


Working in close and continuous partnership with our client organisations, we undertake senior level staff recruitment assignments through headhunting, combining a search through our HR data base with complementary recourse to our wide national and international network of associates.


It is understood that we only play a supportive role to the client who retains ownership and control of the entire search and selection process. In this spirit, we encourage the client who entrusts a recruitment assignment to us to use our services for the evaluation of any in-house prospects or direct applicants for the posts. We also offer to discreetly query likely contenders whom the client may identify.


We take on the responsibility to carry out the initial assessment tests and interviews, following which we consult closely with the employer when drawing up the final shortlist. The next steps involve the preparation of evaluation reports, setting up the client's final selection interviews and checking of references. 


Once a decision is reached on the person to appoint, and where necessary, we also assist in structuring and negotiating the compensation package.


First time clients enjoy our "No success, no fee" commitment.