How we do it


In response to a client's query, the first step in our approach is to carry out a job survey. This may call for access to sensitive and confidential information on our clients regarding their organisational structure, operations, business strategy, staff and management style. We therefore emphasise from the outset that we can be relied on to be discreet and observe total confidentiality.

Transparency and integrity are crucial tenets of our operations. This means, among other things, that within the context of a specific assignment to which we have been formally mandated by a client and for which a candidate has agreed to be considered, we ensure full disclosure of all relevant information to both parties.

Candidates can take comfort in the assurance that our interests are closely tied to theirs. We further emphasize that whether they approach us or we approach them, they never have to pay for our services.


We are exclusively remunerated by our clients to whom we consequently owe our loyalty and duty.